Welcome to Nouvolution

Nouvolution is a fun and friendly fitness studio, that welcomes all abilities. Joining us and taking part in our classes, will not only inspire and motivate you, but you will meet some awesome new people to make friends with. We have created a space and built a community of people, who support each other and progress together, in our own individual fitness culture. We have lots of options to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Challenge yourself and try something new!

You won’t be disappointed at Nouvolution.


Why Nouvolution?

  • Running up to 30 classes a week

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Pay as you go options

  • A range of money saving memberships

  • Friendly team & Atmosphere

  • We welcome all abilities


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Nouvolution Schedule *Subject to change


4:00pm – Little Evolvers Circus Fit & Stretch

5.15pm – HIIT Circuit

6.15pm – Mixed Ability Pole

7.30pm – Advanced Pole

8.45pm – Yoga


10:00am – Mixed Ability Hoop

11:15am – Mixed Ability Pole

3:30pm – Little Evolvers Hoop

4:30pm – Little Evolvers Pole

5.30pm – Mixed Ability Pole

6.45pm – Mixed Ability Pole

8pm – Totally Tone


10.15am – Mixed Ability Pole

4:30pm – Little Evolvers Hoop

5:45pm – Hammock

7:00pm – Intermediate Pole

8.15pm – Mixed Ability Pole


5.30pm – Boxercise

6.30pm – Mixed Ability Hoop

7.45pm – Mixed Ability Pole


12.15pm – Dynamic Yoga

3:30pm – Little Evolvers Pole

4:30pm – Little Evolvers Hoop

5.30pm – Intermediate Pole

6.45pm – Mixed Ability Hoop

8:00pm – Hammock


9am – HIIT Circuit

10am – Mixed Ability Hoop

11.15am – Intermediate Pole

12:30pm – Little Evolvers Pole

1:30pm – Little Evolvers Hoop


9am – Boxercise

10am – Open Session

11:30am – Hammock

12:45pm  – Hammock

6:15pm – Beginners Pole