About Nouvolution

The business was originally opened in April 2012, as Pole Nouveau by Melissa Cracknell, a pole fitness studio underneath the Odd Fellows Social Club in Cheriton. It became very popular in no time and the class timetable and a team of instructors grew fast, until the point of needing a new venue to continue to grow even more. We now have a multifunctional studio that is purposely designed to maximise the space for the wide range of classes that we hold. With the expansion of the business, our team of instructors has also grown into a large fitness family. All of our classes are designed by our specialist team, to be both physically challenging and an addictively enjoyable experience.

When the location changed, Melissa wanted to rename the business. As a team, we decided to take the ‘Nouveau’ part of the old business name, to keep our original identity. Then mixed it with the word, evolution, to create a new original name, ‘Nouvolution’.
Our concept is, that as a business and team, we are evolving. Anyone who comes to us to learn and train to be stronger, fitter and healthier, is also evolving, into a better version of themselves.



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