Meet The Team

Meet the Nouvolution Family

Melissa Cracknell

Owner/Manager/Pole and Calisthenics Instructor

In 2010 I discovered pole fitness and instantly fell in love with the sport. I had been searching for a fun way of keeping fit, something that always kept me interested. And it wasn’t long before I started going twice a week, I couldn’t get enough. I can honestly say it changed my life. I have never been so fit, toned and healthy. It has helped me change my mind as well as my body; I feel more mentally positive, driven, confident and focused, and lucky to be able to share my knowledge and skills with others.

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Nicola Mason

Pole Instructor

I’ve been hooked on pole fitness since I started in February 2013. It has changed my life in countless ways. Not only am I strong and physically fit from it, but I’m also mentally more motivated, confident and healthier.

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Jade Farmer

Pole, Totally Tone instructor & Childrens Aerial Instructor 

I joined Pole Nouveau as a student a few months after it had started, with no intention of instructing. I began classes once a week, every class I enjoyed and always felt a good buzz afterwards. I couldn’t wait for the next week’s lesson to come, so I couldsdddgv feel that same buzz. This is when I began to realise I wanted more from pole fitness. I wanted to share my passion with others and help them achieve their own personal goals and targets, whether it be perfecting that spin or invert or building strength.

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Lexi Kirkham

Pole Instructor

I joined Pole Nouveau as a student in the summer of 2013 and instantly fell in love! Pole was so much more than the gym, it was fun, it gave me confidence and the girls in the class all became good friends. My weekly class couldn’t come around quick enough each week, I was hooked!!

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Hannah Pain

Pole & Aerial Hammock 

Pole entered my life early 2013 and I fell in love with the sport straight away. I have a contemporary dance background and was always into athletic sports since a young age, so pole was a great way to get back into a creative form of fitness.

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Lucy Shaw

Hoop/Pole & Burlesque Instructor

Level 2 gym instructor
Level 2 exercise to music
Level 3 personal trainer
Aerial Hoop and Pole Fitness certified instructor

I first discovered aerial hoop in 2013. My sister and I thought we’d like to try a new form of fitness that we could do together. We both had a background in dance and a love for gymnastics and all things acrobatic and so this newly evolving circus based sport looked really exciting. We were instantly hooked and what started as a fun, social hobby very quickly became a strong passion. Fuelled by positive sibling competitiveness, and surrounded by a new family close network of friends we had made. We encouraged and empowered each other to achieve things we never imagined we could.

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Carly Gooding

Boxercise/HIIT & P.T. Instructor

I’ve always had a passion for sport and fitness since a very young age. I love the buzz of learning something new, feeling fitter and stronger. As with a lot of us life and family took over for a while and fitness was something that I’d squeeze in here and there, until I knew I needed more, I missed the way it made me feel. I really got back in to fitness in 2012, when I challenged myself to do the moonwalk marathon, something I didn’t think I was capable of achieving! But I trained hard and did it. I found that buzz again so did another one the following year. After a difficult chapter in my life I found that fitness was my escape, I took the ethos that you cannot change some things that happen to you in life, but you can change yourself, how you feel and how you respond. This was something in my control! I began to try new ways to be fit, including pole and loved it.

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Ruth Preston

Yoga & Mobilty Instructor

I have been a working as a fitness trainer since 2012, but my love of yoga started well before that in 2007. After having previously thought it was too slow or ‘boring’ I gave it another try and soon discovered that it made a huge difference to how I understood myself and my body, and handling stress.

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