Meet Lexi

Pole Instructor

I joined Pole Nouveau as a student in the summer of 2013 and instantly fell in love! Pole was so much more than the gym, it was fun, it gave me confidence and the girls in the class all became good friends. My weekly class couldn’t come around quick enough each week, I was hooked!!

In 2014 I had to take time away from the pole and it knocked my confidence, I really missed what Pole had given me each week. When I came back, something really clicked inside me with pole, and I found myself going more than once a week. I progressed quickly, and conquered some moves I had once shied away from. This made me realise I wanted to do more with Pole, to instruct others and help them on their own pole journey, so in February 2015 I qualified as an Instructor and joined the Pole Nouveau team. I am so happy to still be a part of the team now we have evolved into Team Nouvolution!

If you are wondering what Pole Fitness is all about, come down and find out! You’ll have a giggle, learn something new and get fit! For me, there is no greater feeling of freedom than when I am on the pole! I’m looking forward to my future at the studio, challenging students to reach their fitness goals, all whilst having fun!


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