Lucy Shaw – Hoop/Pole & Burlesque Instructor

Meet Lucy

Hoop/Pole & Burlesque Instructor

I first discovered aerial hoop in 2013. My sister and I thought we’d like to try a new form of fitness that we could do together. We both had a background in dance and a love for gymnastics and all things acrobatic and so this newly evolving circus based sport looked really exciting. We were instantly hooked and what started as a fun, social hobby very quickly became a strong passion. Fuelled by positive sibling competitiveness, and surrounded by a new family close network of friends we had made. We encouraged and empowered each other to achieve things we never imagined we could.

I look back over the last 5 years and remember each significant achievement and milestone with such pride. I feel incredibly lucky to have met some fantastic instructors along the way who have inspired me, by nurturing and encouraging the talent they saw in their students. Since qualifying as an instructor and starting work for Nouvolution in October 2017, I have formed new friendships and aspirations. I love to see the same excitement and adoration my students have for aerial hoop as I do. Learning the art and skill of aerial hoop is a never-ending journey that encompasses both strength and grace. With a little determination, you can achieve things you never thought possible.

Level 2 gym instructor
Level 2 exercise to music
Level 3 personal trainer
Aerial Hoop and Pole Fitness certified instructor


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