Meet Melissa

Owner/Manager/Pole and Calisthenics Instructor

In 2010 I discovered pole fitness and instantly fell in love with the sport. I had been searching for a fun way of keeping fit, something that always kept me interested. And it wasn’t long before I started going twice a week, I couldn’t get enough. I can honestly say it changed my life. I have never been so fit, toned and healthy. It has helped me change my mind as well as my body; I feel more mentally positive, driven, confident and focused, and lucky to be able to share my knowledge and skills with others.

I opened Pole Nouveau and started teaching in April 2012, my student base grew quickly, but I am not surprised at how popular it has become! I see the excitement in people’s faces after the first class and really love watching them progress and improve in every class, in strength, ability and confidence through their dedication and hard work. For me it is a great feeling and I really do love my job!

As both a team as well as a business, we continuously strive to better ourselves, we want to feel 100% we are doing the best job possible. To better suit the needs of the business and cater for the wants of our students and local demand, I decided to relocate to better premises and expand the business further. The future of Nouvolution is bright exciting and I look forward to see how many more people we can help motivate and evolve in our world of fitness.


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