Nicola Mason – Pole Instructor

Meet Nicola

Pole Instructor

I’ve been hooked on pole fitness since I started in February 2013. It has changed my life in countless ways. Not only am I strong and physically fit from it, but I’m also mentally more motivated, confident and healthier.

As someone who has hardly ever done any other fitness and is easily bored of sport, pole fitness provided that difference, it is addictive and noticeably beneficial.
As a fast learner, I learnt quickly and moved up the ranks fast to instructor level, now teaching to an advanced level.

I want others to experience the euphoric feeling you get when you nail a move and other students and the instructor give you amazing praise. The students are amazing, as well as welcoming to everyone and their enthusiasm and laughter is what makes my job such a pleasure. I can’t imagine my life without Pole and the Nouvolution family!


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