Ruth Preston – Yoga & Mobilty Instructor

Meet Ruth

Yoga & Mobilty Instructor

I have been a working as a fitness trainer since 2012, but my love of yoga started well before that in 2007. After having previously thought it was too slow or ‘boring’ I gave it another try and soon discovered that it made a huge difference to how I understood myself and my body, and handling stress.

I started doing more and more yoga of different styles, and eventually trained as a yoga teacher in India in 2012. I have continued to learn and teach ever since, and this increased understanding and experience has only deepened my love for yoga. I am genuinely grateful to have the opportunity to share this with others and see it have a positive effect on them also.

The great thing about teaching yoga at Nouvolution is bringing the increase in strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness and calm… both to those who are working on their pole and hoop fitness, as well anyone else who just wants to experience these benefits. I have also developed a class called Functionality, which is a more fast paced and mobility focused class that uses elements of yoga.


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